Tuesday, 3 June 2008

What alot of posts!

I feel that the response is because of my connections with Dee. Thankyou, I have completely neglected this blog because the boys broke the dingle (dangle, dongle, not sure). So am in my sons room sitting on the floor, the laptop is on the lego box.
Anyway, knitting wise i had a drought period, then, after a good sort out and peruse through all my knitting mags, I had a flood of enthusiasm. I pulled the pictured jumper apart because I did not need a jumper that would fit me and several friends at the same time, and went knitting a simple tanktop. The yarn is one of Dee's and she helped me pick it out, we stood by the window and chose a colour that would suit me. Its a tomato red with pink, purple and peach tones and I have about five balls left so the world is my oyster. As result I cannot decide what to do with!!!
As far as crochet goes I have decided I have ADHD. I attempted the wavy blanket, much supported by Jane Brocket. I was using the controversial acrylic yarn because I cannot afford to use yarn that has had some part in nature. When my internal dialog starts to turn blue and my teeth start to ache from the clenching, I usually decide to abandon a project for health and safety reasons. By far the hardest part of crotchet for me is the maths. I am not great at reading patterns and have adopted the 'come back and read it later' method along with the 'if i stare at it long enough it might turn into english' method. I think, and seasoned crocheter's agree, that the patterns are harder that the crochet. Charts are much better and the 'staring' method sometimes works with them. i will post some pics of my knitting/crocheting creations soon, and get on to Dee for me and make her learn to crochet!!!!!