Saturday, 3 May 2008


I should introduce myself. I am Emma, 29 (for another 6 months). As my address would suggest, I knit, also crotchet. My friend, who most knitting related bloggers would know as Dee, yes that is Dee from Posh Yarn!!!!!! badgered me into knitting last year. My earlier attempts when I was much younger produced scarves that started off for me, then ended up for my Sindy.

I was not exactly hooked at the tender age of 11. But I couldn't help but marvel at the wonderful yarn that Tony dyed, whenever I would visit my appetite grew, until inevitably I succumbed.

So here I am, several months down the line. My two sons have a scarf each, we have a teacosy (too small), 1 pair of socks (heel in completely wrong yarn, should have read pattern first), 1 jumper (soon to be unravelled to make something that will fit), 1 vest for my youngest (already grown out of). Thats all I can remember right now.

I few weeks ago my sister-in-law taught me how to crotchet, this was complicated. My sister-in-law speaks Turkish and a little english, me, visa versa. Nevertheless, I am a bag and half a cushion cover down the line and loving it.

I dabble in domestic-goddessness in between being completely hopeless at it. I absolutely love gardening and veg growing is my passion, this will be my fourth year and I'm hoping not to kill too much plant matter this season. I am also a sucker for glossy cookery and gardening books.



Dee said...

Well hello!! Welcome to the blogosphere. You're gonna love it. Now how about some pictures??

Jacqui said...

Hi Emma, welcome to blogland :) You can find me at I look forward to seeing some photos of your knitting and crochet. Can you read a crochet pattern? You could give me lessons - I am hopeless. Good luck with the blog - Jacqui

Sue said...

Hi Emma,

Welcome to the world of blogging!

Sue :-)

bonnie said...

Hi Emma, nice to meet you, happy blogging

gilraen said...

Hi Emma welcome to blogland. I too am looking forward to pictures :)

Have you signed up for Ravelry yet, we would love to see you there too :)

Good luck and Happy Knitting :)

yvette said...

Hi Emma
Dee sent me to say HI, you can catch me at
I look forward to seeing your photos, I am useless at crochet ;0)

Anonymous said...

Hi Emma

Welcome to the deep, dark world of yarn addiction. Hope to also see you on Ravelry soon!

There's no turning back...

Flutter-by said...

Welcome - you are now officially addicted! Both to knitting and web-related knitting stuff - how long before you join us on Ravelry?